Upcoming Events

  • Swedish Canoe Retreat
    Sat, Aug 10
    Join this summer journey across the lakes into the wilderness. A nature cleanse. A digital detox. A personal growth process.
  • Women Reconnection Retreat in Switzerland
    Tue, Jul 30
    With a group of women we retreat in the breathtaking landscape of the Swiss mountains. Time to go back to simplicity, and to what fuels our soulful lives.
  • Workshop Utrecht: Connectie maken met mijn kern zelf
    Sun, May 26
    Yoga Studio - Park Yoga Utrecht
    Ontdek hoe je vragen zoals "wat wil ik eigenlijk echt?" of "wat geeft mij energie" kan beantwoorden voor jezelf. Neem een moment voor jezelf door deze workshop te ervaren.
  • Nepalese Himalayan trekking retreat
    Sun, Apr 28
    Kathmandu Airport
  • Unleash your authentic voice
    Fri, Sep 07
    Swedish Island Retreat - Ålö
    Let you authentic voice be heard on this island weekend retreat in Sweden. Unleashing of Potential is teaming up with vocal coach Emelie Blomlöf to create a unique synergie between music and personal development. Join to experience this discovery of yourself program.
  • Retreat in Spain
    Wed, Aug 08
    Get creatively inspired and unleash your potential in a remote village in the Northern part of Spain. We are bringing together an inspiring group of people and offer experiences on the topics of connection to yourself and others, creatively challenging yourself and daring to be vulnerable.
  • Workshop Creating the change that you want
    Mon, Jun 25
    2055 Benton St
    When we unleash our potential, it makes us feel alive. This evening we make use of the inspiring setting of the people in this group to create action in our lives.
  • Workshop True Connection in Denver
    Mon, Jun 18
    2055 Benton St
    Create a life that is in line with who you truly are. With this Unleashing of Potential workshop we provide you with in-depth experiences to reconnect with your core self. The topics will be True connection on 6/18 and Creating Change on 6/25.
  • The 100th woman effect Workshop Day in Denver
    Sat, Jun 16
    A gathering is taking place to reconnect and celebrate our womanhood. Being a woman carries an innate power, everyone one of us has ancient wisdom within our bodies. This day allows feminine energy expression in creation, intuition, collaboration and unconditional love.
  • Men's Circle Retreat in Denver mountains
    Fri, Jun 15
    Mountains (1 to 2 hrs from Denver)
    A gathering of men. Embracing core topics. Courage to be vulnerable. The strength of a brotherhood combined with the elements of nature allows for a powerful retreat. In a setting away from stereotypes and with the openness to deep dive into topics wise men have talked and lived for centuries.
  • Unleashing Potential Retreat in Costa Rica
    Sun, Apr 29
    La Virgen
    Costa Rica brings "Pura Vida", an optimistic and positive way of life. We will go for a week off the grid on a farm surrounded with rainforest and close with some time at the coast. During this week we'll let you connect to your true self and build stronger connections to others.