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"Unleashing of Potential Cycle" program: 

27th of February 2021

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"Unleashing of Potential Cycle" program: 

21st of February 2021 in Ghent

 Unleash your Potential

The Cycle Program

If you are ready to step into your power and go to the deeper layers within, then this coaching transformation process will guide you step by step. "The cycle" is focused on experiencing and practicing the tools you need to keep your growth process going. The topics covered are the key themes that return throughout life when diving deep into questions such as "who am I?" and "what do I truly want?". Once you have the tools, each time when you face a challenge you can fall back on the tools you learned within "the cycle" program. Our series of in person workshops in Ghent are spread over half a year filled with experience based learning. You will experience how your life is transformed to being more alive and present.

Who is this Unleashing of Potential In Person program for?

For our online group coaching program info page click here.

You feel the need to develop yourself, but your growth is not going at the pace or direction you want. Symptoms can be doubt, postponing dreams, not knowing what you want, difficulty bringing growth insights into a life practice or you feel your energy level is just not where you want it to be. What you need is someone who supports you through the layers that you have been avoiding or getting stuck on.

Our in person Cycle program is ideal if you live close to Ghent and you want to have the in person physical in-depth experience. The in-person program is spread over a longer period in time.


With our "from your home" online Cycle program we see great impact because we can put more focus on the integration in your own personal living environment. Participants really appreciate that they can follow the modules at their pace and can more easily repeat certain pieces to get an even deeper understanding. The weekly check-ins make it very personal and with the physical meet-up moment we see it as a great celebration of connecting with the people you have built up a deep connection over the 12 weeks. 

Content wise, both programs are similar. Format wise, it is up to you to feel into what you want. Budget wise, the "from your home" program has a lower price.

Goal of the Unleashing of Potential In Person program (for online program click here)

Throughout the different workshops you will be guided in a personal development process that brings you to closer to yourself. Often we are faced with questions such as "what do I really want?", "why do I keep postponing this decision?", "why do I feel stuck in this job or relationship?" or "how do I start feeling the effects of my efforts in developing myself?". This program has been created from the principle that clarity can only arise when we dare to break through the chaos in our mind and go back to our essence.

The program is build up step by step. By becoming more conscious and aware, it will make your experiences stronger. Then by recognizing the resistance you will start seeing where your blocks are and start discovering your deeper layers. The more aware you become in your own process, the better you will become at detaching the emotional load when other people trigger or irritate you.


Within the process we create space to tackle the complexity of roles we take on in different situations in our life. A crucial part is going back to your inner child, where your playfulness, innocence and vulnerability are stored. The further we go in the process, the closer you will get to the expression of your desires.


As soon as we start working with what you truly want, we will at the same time need to tackle how you communicate your boundaries (what do you not want and how to communicate that to people around you).

By the end of the process, you will have freed up energy that will allow you to create more clarity and focus in your life decisions. The goal of this process is to give you the tools that bring awareness in your day to day life and make you feel good in your own skin. You will feel a stronger connection to your intuition, more creativity will be unleashed, your connection to others will be stronger and you will have more trust in yourself. At the end we will close down your process with an integration of all themes, so you can continue living from your truth.

This page is about the in person Unleashing of Potential program (for the online program click here)

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Module 1:

Developing awareness, creating intention and putting your energy in motion

The foundation of self development is awareness of yourself. During this session we will review all the different themes that are happening in your life and refocus to the first essential step. To be able to go through a full process of self development, you will need to have enough energy. That is why we will look more closely how the four dimensions can give and take energy from you: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Becoming aware of the sources of your energy and your leaks will help to refocus. During this session you will the discover the power of placing an intention for your transformation process. 

Module 2:

Recognizing resistance and learning what acceptance is

Recognizing resistance allows you to see the patterns in your life that are holding you from being in your full power. When we can detect resistance then we can learn to transform it into acceptance. As soon as we are in acceptance then we can bring change to our life that does not come from fear, which will give the changes a different feeling and a sense of flow.  

Acceptance occurs when we live in connection with others, full of creativity, when you sense your intuition, full of playfulness and openness. When we are in resistance then we are fighting what is, which requires a lot of our energy, creates conflict and causes a lot of pain. We explore deeper fears, patterns of justifying behavior, beliefs of not good enough, try to make everything be "the right way" and create many small symptoms that cause frictions.

Module 3:

Discover your deeper layers via triggers in others (a.ka. Mirroring)

If someone else triggers us than it says more about ourselves than about the other person. There is a deeper cause behind the behavior that triggered this specific irritation. To see these triggers for yourself we use a method called mirroring. By gaining insight in your deeper sublayers you will start detaching the emotional load from a situation and be able to deal with it in a different way. Each trigger will become an insight for yourself. Everything around you will become a source for growth and self discovery.

Module 4:

Learn to work with the different roles you take on in life

Every situation brings its own unique set of expectations. Throughout our lives we learn to adjust ourselves to deal better with each situation, we start to take on a different role in each circumstance. Awareness of the different roles we take on can allow us to take distance from these identities, which results in getting closer to our core self. Often these specific roles come from deeper layers within ourselves. By bringing certain roles into observations we learn to examine our reactions and start seeing our blind spots. This is an important step needed to bring ourselves closer to who we are.

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Module 5:

Discover your inner child

The inner child is a part of ourselves where our vulnerable self, our playfulness, our spontaneity and creativity is stored. Throughout our life we learn to protect this vulnerable self against every potential way of getting hurt. Protection layers are a shield around our core self. Yet our every day happiness and joy is within this essential piece of ourselves. Within this session we deep dive into the events within your past that have had an impact on your inner child.

Module 6:

Communication of fears, desires and boundaries

If you want to be who you truly are, then you need to be able to express that. By becoming aware of your deeper layers, you will get closer to your true desires that create joy in your life. How you communicate this to yourself and towards others is important. A big piece of this sessions is about relationships.

By expressing your boundaries, you are giving a gift to the people around you. The people you interact with will know what makes you happy. If we can't express our desires, then we put a lot of energy in creating assumptions and stories. 

When expressing desires and boundaries, you will need to also confront fears. Opening up on your shadow sides takes away all the energy you need to suppress these emotions. When you remove fear than you create space for love.

Module 7:

Taking transformational decisions

Big and small decisions take up a lot of energy, it can heavily impact or level of happiness. When we have brought awareness in our 4 dimensions, in our sublayers, in the roles we take on or take off the emotional load towards others, we create space for decisions with clarity. When we are within our power, then we take decisions that feel good, created from clear intentions and resulting in the best outcome for yourself and your surroundings. We start doubting when decisions are only made from our head, only with room for rational and logical arguments. Transformational decisions are aligned with our core self. In this session we will tackle all the big subjects that need to be covered in your life.

Module 8:

Experientional learning & integration

In every process it is important to close the loop. All elements of the different modules will be linked to the experiential learning cycle. The objective is that you can continue your process with your newly developed tools. More insights will come your way throughout your life, but you have the tools to integrate them into a practice. With this session we give you the last push into your own direction with the intention that you put out.

A closing ceremony will be organized to celebrate the end of the program.

When will the program take place?

The first date is fixed and the remaining dates are placeholders. During the first session we will review all the dates with the whole group, switches are then still possible if everyone agrees. Practice has shown us that this works best. Our intention is that everyone can make it to each session. All sessions are in Ghent.


2021 - Group coaching program


Module 1 - 21st of February 

Weekend (Module 2 & 3) -12 to 14th of March

Module 4 - 28th of March

Weekend (Module 5) - 16 to 18th of April

Module 6 - 2nd of May

Module 7 - 30th of May

Weekend (Module 8) - 25 to 27th of June 

Individual coaching program can be started at any date. This will be discussed in our exploration call.

Our Unleashing of Potential coaching program (via online experience platform) starts on 27th of February, 12 weeks in the comfort of your home but still with personal check-in moments, exercises you can practice and connection with like-minded people via our community platform. Click here.

What are the next steps?

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Step 3: Together we will review what your biggest needs are and which options fits you

How much does the program cost?

The cost of our group coaching program is 2500 euro (incl. VAT). Which covers all costs of facilities, activities, individual and group sessions and coaches.

Our individual coaching program has different packages. These are explained in more detail over a call. Online program click here.

Group vs. Individual program?

Within a group setting we will have the chance to do different group exercises to put your process into action. Experience has shown us that a group setting can offer additional insights because of shared experiences & triggers. The connection that happens throughout the process gives an additional motivating factor.

With an individual program we can put our full focus on tailoring the topics and insights to your needs. Additional experiences will be added based on your needs. We can go deeper into your personal experiences when the full time is individually tailored.

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