Swedish Canoe retreat

10th - 18th of August 2019

A summer journey across the lakes into the wilderness.

Canoeing on the Swedish lakes is a liberating experience in nature. It offers a surrounding with the most peaceful sounds and opens all your senses with its pureness, from the clear air to the breathtaking landscapes. A nature cleanse. A digital detox. This unique canoe journey will be combined with our personal development program of Unleashing of Potential. A retreat is a moment to break with regular routines and see life with perspective, discover realignment with your core self. Our workshops will guide the group dynamic & personal discovery process. 

A breathtaking

journey in nature

Canoe journey

This canoeing journey will take place in Dalsland, a Swedish region known for its pure wilderness and serenity. With an area of 10.000 square kilometers Dalsland is characterized by its hilly landscape, fresh green colors and thousands of interconnected lakes and canals. During our 6-day journey on the water we feel nature from up close.


Transportation is arranged by us from Göteborg to the starting point. On the first morning a small instruction course will be given on canoe techniques and camping guidelines. A guide will accompany us on the lakes. The first day will be a light day so everyone can get accustomed to the canoe. On day 2 and 3 we will cover more distance with some spectacular sceneries along the way. The fourth day will be stationed in one spot so we can create a unique nature setting for some profound personal development workshops. With rejuvenated energy and more developed canoe skills we will complete the tour on day 5 and 6. After the canoe journey ends we close with a full day in Bengstfors with a unique celebration, closing workshop moments and 2 nights in a hostel with hot shower.


Our canoe trail will cover about 80 km. Ideal for participants who are beginner as well as medium experienced with canoeing.


Every retreat is designed in a way that creates space for personal development insights. Our program will make use of four dimensions: Mental, Emotional,  Spiritual and Physical. Identifying where you currently stand within each dimension and how it impacts who you are as a person. Throughout the journey you learn different insights, tools and skills that focus on being alive and present. A more detailed workshop overview will be given when you register as "interested" or "book now".


Our exploration of personal development insights and tools around the world shows that this state of being has a profound impact on life. It allows each one of us to detach from worries from the past and stress about future plans. Presence and aliveness are the basis of working on our inner potential.

Workshop Program

Meals & Lodging

All meals during the retreat are provided. During the canoe journey food is foreseen that can be cooked on the camp grounds. Our guide coordinates the cooking and every participant will have involvement in the process. Food is selected based on the restrictions camping brings and dietary needs.

Every day we will stop at one of the hundreds of designated camp grounds along the lakes. These campsites are prepared, all equipped with wind shelters, open fire pits, wood and environmentally friendly toilets. And we will provide tents for every participant which will be shared with two people.


On the first night of arrival we sleep in a guest house with beds and hot showers, to make sure you are well rested when we start the canoeing journey. Also right after the canoe retreat ends we have foreseen a two night stay in a unique location where everyone will get the chance to participate in a sweat lodge experience.

People seeking to extend their stay can inform us. Tips & connections are always at hand.

Felix Naeslund

The team

Felix will be our canoeing guide in the Dalsland region. He is an adventurer at heart and has a wide experience with water sports. A reason we wanted to collaborate with him is his spirit for life & passion for nature.


Joris & Sanne will guide the reflective workshops that will guide the group in their personal discovery process. A canoeing journey becomes even more unique when guided with insights.

Joris Van Doorslaer

Sanne Meert

Atmosphere video

The Swedish lakes offer a unique nature setting that gets you away from everything. Both (Joris & Sanne) of us feel unique connected to this down to earth culture. Creating a canoeing journey was a dream inspired on our last Swedish retreat (September 2018), which is the atmosphere video linked. The focus during that retreat was to reconnect with the authentic voice. It was a beautiful intimate setting and allowed us to experience the beauty of the Swedish islands. If you want to picture our Canoe journey then switch the boat images in your mind with a canoe and imagine some additional tents.


Joris and Sanne are such incredible inspirators as workshop facilitators. The insights I gained after visiting their weekends and workshops are ones I treasure! There’s a reason I decided to fly across the globe to attend their retreat in Costa Rica and it’s these two. Sanne and Joris, the driving force that helped unleash my potential for sure!

Yolanda Ketel,

attended Costa Rica retreat

If you want to find your inner creative potential and challenge your self to become a better version there is no better place to start than being with like minded people at Unleashing of Potential! It was a unique and unforgettable experience to be in their retreat. Joris and Sanne are such amazing giving souls and I learned so much about myself in such a short period of time. I can't recommend it enough! 

Emil Puranen,

attended Spain retreat

Either you are interested, then just leave your email address for more information and during the phone call you can decide whether we are the right fit. Or you are ready to immediately book and lock down your spot, then click "book now" which will take you to a page where you can choose the price option and pay online (different payment methods available to make it easy). Special offer is our summer program which combines our 3-month group program with the Swedish canoe trekking, for the combo you will receive a 500 euro discount and a transformational summer.



Add the 3-month program to your Sweden canoe trekking and receive a 500 euro discount.

The price for the Swedish canoe retreat is

1200 euro - (100 euro discount during call)


  • In-depth Workshop & Coaching Program

  • Preparation Call & Materials

  • Guide & Coaches during the canoe journey

  • Sleeping accommodation (3 nights in hotel)

  • Camping Tents & Sleeping mats (5 nights)

  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner)

  • Camping Kitchen

  • Swedish National Park permits

  • Canoe material & Dry storage barrels

  • Transportation from Gothenburg airport (10/08) and back (18/08)

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