Switzerland Women's 

Reconnection Retreat

30th of July - 4th of August 2019

Back to (our) nature

In the breathtaking landscape of the Swiss mountains we take time to go back to simplicity, and to what fuels our soulful lives as women:

  • Our connection with nature.

  • A nurturing space where we can connect authentically with other women.

  • The connection with ourselves.

  • Our intuitive creative ability.

  • A sense of community.

Space for our souls

Space in the Swiss Alps

We all need a space from time to time to come back to ourselves.

It’s so easy to feel stressed and disconnected from our own core self. We put on masks in our day-to-day lives to hide our emotions or to fit into a surrounding that doesn’t see us for who we really are. We do things that we feel we ‘should’ do in order to be seen as worthy, instead of following our inner intuitive voice.


That is why this is a space where you can come with all that you are. Where you are encouraged to follow your own intuitive guidance, and where you can reconnect with parts of yourself maybe even you forgot are within you.


In essence, life is simple. We need fresh air, beautiful food and water, connection to ourselves, a sense of belonging with others and a sense of purpose. Yet our society nowadays is created with things that distract us so easily from our true core, our pure being.

These days in the Swiss Alps are created to strip away these distractions and meet with our essence again. Add on top of this a beautiful group of women who gather purposefully, and magic gets created.

We meet for 5 days to fully reconnect, in a space that is nourishing, relaxing, natural, creativity-provoking and that can light the incredible fire you carry within you.

In these days we recharge our energy through shared bonding moments and through moments to just ‘be’ in the beauty of our own presence. We celebrate life through ceremonies and rituals. We take time to be in silence in nature and to reflect. And we enjoy the simplicity of life when we feel there is nothing we ‘have to’ do in these days.


Experiences that are included are:

  • A new moon ceremony

  • A cacao ceremony

  • Intuitive creative movement expression

  • Creating with clay

  • Dancing

  • Singing from the heart

  • Women’s circles – sharing moments

  • Forest walks

  • Camp fire moments – with storytelling and songs

  • Guided meditations and visualizations

  • Qi gong - an energy movement practice

  • Time spent relaxing & enjoying the local river


This is also a collaborative space. If there is any magic you have within you that you would like to share, you can reach out to me so we can see how to implement this in the retreat. And I know you have magic within you! The question is whether you feel empowered enough to bring it to the outside world. If you are on the fence with this, I am also very open to supporting you through this process.

Workshop Program

Meals & Lodging

Our focus is on community living and taking things back to basics.

We live mainly outdoors in a nature area close to the small town of Miège. Our homebase is the living space of Lucienne, a wonderful and kind wild woman who brings 65 years of life experience. Here we can enjoy the beautify and the energy this and the energy this place holds with all the nature it is surrounded by – the forests, mountains, a river,..


We prepare and clean up our tasty, vegetarian meals together.

For sleeping there are 3 spots in a camper, 5 spots in a tipi tent and multiple camping spots if you want to bring your own tent for a private space to sleep.

We share one indoor bathroom space, so simplicity takes over from luxury.

About Sanne

In search of her own feminine and inner Wild Woman, Sanne felt the powerful effect of being supported by other women.


In the mean time she has been able guide women in circles in Belgium, the US, Bali and India.

Together with her partner – Joris Van Doorslaer –  she co-created ‘Unleashing of Potential’, to support people in their personal development process. Both together and separately organize workshops, retreats, and individual sessions - in which Sanne works through coaching and Reiki healing. In all of this, the focus is always on reconnecting – with your inner self, with others in an authentic way, with nature, your intuition, your inner child or your shadow sides.

Sanne's background comes from different trainings: The Wisdom Keeper Training in Bali – to guide ceremonies and rituals, the Life coaching training at SOF Belgium, an Ayurveda training in India, chakra therapy training and a short training in herbalism.


Sanne Meert

Video from Sanne

Every person has energy within, it makes us feel alive or exhausted. Healing can be practiced by tuning in with this energy, detecting blockages. Being able to do this is a gift or superpower within. When you dare to acknowledge who you are, your gifts become more clear. Healing is a unique superpower with a giving character and connected to our intuition. It requires the connection with Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit to flow. Sanne discovered her gift after digging through personal layers within. Part of the vulnerability is openly sharing this.


Sanne’s women’s circle was such a beautiful and nurturing experience. She really holds the group together And makes everyone feel a part of the whole with her ability to hold the space for each woman to contribute her gift. She honors the balance of structure and flow in her circles which makes the experience both intentional and flexible. After the circle, I truly felt honored and seen and opened up to some in the group in ways I hadn’t before in meeting others for the first time.

Sirah Mora

attended Costa Rica Circle

My circle with Sanne was a wonderful experience. The way she guided us was very beautiful and heart opening. She created a space where we felt very safe to share and experience different emotions. I really enjoyed the different exercises which enabled me to connect with my inner world but also with all the beautiful women around me. Thank you Sanne.

Anja Werstler 

attended Circle in India

Either you are interested, then just leave your email address for more information and you will get the offer to call with Sanne about the retreat. Or you are ready to immediately book and lock down your spot, then click "book now" which will take you to a page where you can choose the price option and pay online (different payment methods available to make it easy).


What is all included:

  • 5 nights stay in option of your choice

  • All meals – glutenfree and vegan options (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner are provided)

  • All activities & workshop materials

  • Coaching & facilitation

  • Transportation from and to the train station (Sierre) if you use public transport

  • Preparation call in advance

Regular price (incl. VAT/BTW):

  • 499 euros – sleeping in the camper

  • 475 euros – sleeping in the tipi

  • 449 euros – sleeping in your own tent