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Attended Connection Workshop Day

Arie Samuna

"Sanne & Joris are (next to genuine, warm & nice people) excellent facilitators who can quickly create a warm, inviting atmosphere, where one can feel confident and empowered.
The workshop parts were diverse, surprising, with humor and I felt challenged to explore my own thoughts and comfort zone. 
Their icebreaker still baffles me: I’ve never seen a group of strangers come together in such a personal way so quickly!"

Attended Costa Rica Retreat

Yolanda Ketel

"Joris and Sanne are such incredible inspirators as workshop facilitators. The insights I gained after visiting their weekends and workshops are ones I treasure! There’s a reason I decided to fly across the globe to attend their retreat in Costa Rica and it’s these two. Sanne and Joris, the driving force that helped unleash my potential for sure!"

Attended Amsterdam Workshop Day

Carolina Maienza

"I had a wonderful time during Sanne and Joris's unleashing of potential workshop. They are both really inspiring and I felt really safe in the environment they created during the workshop. They really helped me put into perspectives and visualize emotions and feeling I had to begin with but that I could not really see clearly. I also just enjoyed talking to them as they are wonderful people! I hope their aura of positivity will spread and embrace other lost or confused souls :)"

Atmosphere video

This retreat video shows a glimpse of the atmosphere on our Swedish Island Retreat in September 2018. As facilitators we create the space to practice "being present and alive". The variety of ways is endless, the foundation is the same. People who join appreciate our way of facilitating, search for creativity and variety, are ready for taking on personal development and know there is potential within them that can be tapped into.


Attended Spain Retreat

Emil Puranen

"If you want to find your inner creative potential and challenge your self to become a better version there is no better place to start than being with like minded people at Unleashing of Potential! It was a unique and unforgettable experience to be in their retreat. Joris and Sanne are such amazing giving souls and I learned so much about myself in such a short period of time. I can't recommend it enough!"

Attended Costa Rica Retreat

Elien Descan

"The retreat gave me the space and time to reconnect with myself, nature and life. All this was possible because of the supportive setting that Sanne and Joris created. In this safe space we were invited to go on self-exploration and really get into the present. The retreat offered an alternation between discovering, enjoying, integrating, connecting, nature, peace and action. It revolves around truly experiencing. Joris and Sanne were not only present as passionate coaches but also as authentic individuals who did not shy away from showing themselves vulnerable.

The retreat was certainly an enriching experience!"

Attended Swedish Island Retreat

Emilie Blomlöf

"I would describe this weekend as time for yourself. Taking time for your true self, your inner thoughts and reflections of who you are and where you want to be in the world."

Attended Amsterdam Workshop Day

Grace John

"It has brought me great comfort that there are still people left in this world that care about the individual. I got the chance to spend a full day in their wonderful, eye-opening workshops, and it was at a time, I really needed to wake up and focus on ME and MY POTENTIAL. Thank you for answering my questions, before I even asked them! It was productive, safe and a moving experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity, where you truly find yourself; UNLEASHING YOUR POTENTIAL."

Attended Connection Workshop Day

"Wonderful, genuine people, engaging in all the conversations that are going to make this world a more grounded, mindful and loving place.


Gave me many things to reflect on and the session was truly productive."

Attended Amsterdam Workshop Day

Marieke Torensma

"I’ve had the pleasure to attend a full-day workshop by unleashing of potential in Amsterdam. You can tell Sanne & Joris are very experienced facilitators, with very complementary styles, bringing a good energy throughout the day. They created a safe and conducive environment in which we could take time to reflect, share experiences and purely enjoy connecting with ourselves and each other. The day sparked a light in my heart that I would wish for any one to carry with them. Go unleash your potential!"

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