Our vision is for you to become present and alive. Rediscover your energy, creativity, intuition, curiosity and connection. Bring clarity in your life decisions. Simply be you again.

Our vision

Be present

What does "being present" mean? 

It is consciously being in the present moment. Not distracted with past worries or future planning. In full awareness of your being. A state where you can observe your thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions or experiences. When in full presence, it can best be described as joyful, at peace, calm, vibrant and alert. 

Why is this of importance?

Stress, fears, negative patterns, doubt, anxiety, irritations, judgements and many other negative symptoms are showing us we are not in line with our core self. The first step to becoming clear again is to become aware. Observing ourselves is a practice, there is a reason monks spend a lifetime practicing. Not everyone is meant to be a monk, we use presence as a basis for our practices to make you aware of yourself again. Just observe a child, they are great at it.

How is this covered during our events or programs?

By letting you experience this. With tools & exercises we will let you experience what blocks you from feeling present. As facilitators we will be there as external observers, give back reflections. Our practices are inspired by great monks and spiritual teachers who have dedicated their lives to this.

What does "being alive" mean? 

The enjoyment of life. Not the "wanting" driven by our ego, resulting in stress and worry. A motivating power, a joy that comes from truly "being your potential". Closely linked to "being present", since the only moment you are alive is now. Aliveness is sensed in the stillness and joy of what you are doing. At all times it is present, when we do not feel it anymore then we need adrenaline activities like skydiving to truly turn our mind off. 

Why is this of importance?

Life can pass us by. Moments of burnout, depression, anger or other states push us into a direction with low energy. Getting back in touch with our inner potential creates a deeper sense of fulfillment and sparks our true creativity. Every person has has a drive within for life and meaning, it starts with aliveness to spark this. To let this aliveness flow it is important to be aware and put it into practice.

How is this covered during our events or programs?

You will learn the skill of managing your own energy. Emotion stands for Energy in Motion. Every person needs this release and motion. In a safe setting we will let you experience a variety of physical components, emotional triggers, mental thoughts or spiritual connections. Throughout the exercises you will learn to observe you energy and bring what is blocked into motion. The end result is that you free up space to feel alive. And rediscover what you truly want and gives your energy.

Be alive


Discovering true insights requires practice

"Being alive and present" is a practice. There are different ways of practicing. Our discovery has been that practicing does not equal to just one practice such as "sitting meditation". Life contains multiple dimensions, so we need a variety of practices.


Four dimensions exist: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Our mind creates thoughts, focuses on understanding and analyzing situations. The physical body is required to take action and puts motion into our way of being. Within ourselves we experience emotions, feelings are reactions to triggers around us. The spiritual dimension includes all our beliefs and dreams. When evaluating your way of being, it is almost guaranteed some of these dimensions are off balance.


Our practices are designed to create the balancing flow between these different dimensions. An exercise can be very physical and provoke emotions. Other exercises can trigger the mind and bring new thoughts. Or another exercise taps into your spiritual beliefs or your resistance against spiritual practices.


Our role as facilitators is to take away distractions and create a space where you can just focus on being. It makes the practice of "being alive and present" easier and provides the basis to continue the practice in your daily life. Every person needs to develop a personal flow in their life, we offer the variety of tools and a framework to choose what fits. Step by step we will go through your layers.


A state of not accepting what is. Preventing movement, change or flow to take place. Holding on to situations is the result of triggers within. The energy that comes with resistance creates blockages, resulting in negative signs within. 

How to recognize resistance?

  • Frustration or Irritation with people or situations

  • Annoyance at someone else

  • Denial of the situation as it is

  • Letting emotional or physical pain overtake you

  • Ignorance - not wanting to know the full picture

  • Comparison to other people or experiences

  • Letting fear of the expected unpleasant dominate

  • Fear of the unknown holding you back from acting

  • Rationalizing a situation with mental arguments

  • "Supposed to" feeling resulting from expectations 

  • Guilt over choices you are making

  • Justifying the choice or situation you are in

  • Expectations you are setting

  • Comparing to the past or wishing for the future

  • Resistance is fighting the present as is

Do I need it?


Check where you are in the spectrum of resistance and acceptance


Seeing the situation for what it is. Creating freedom within yourself to tap into the calm and joyful state within. In full awareness of what happens to you and how you respond to it. Acceptance allows you to simply "be".

How to recognize acceptance?

  • Clarity in your mind

  • A higher sense of alertness

  • Physical pain points relax and disappear

  • A more vibrant energy

  • Feeling you can smile with the situation

  • Creative inspiration comes easier

  • Life feels more simple

  • Calmness within yourself

  • Attracting other people with your authenticity

  • Easier to express what you want

  • Obstacles become opportunities

  • A sense of purpose

  • Compassion for others

  • Easier to give to others

  • More connected to others and your surroundings

We offer an individual and group transformation program. It is meant for you if you are willing to deep dive into personal development, but feel a bit stuck with the overwhelming feeling that the questions "what do I truly want?" or "who am I?" can trigger. It is important that you feel it is time to start a process that brings you clarity. Our objective is to guide you in this process, facilitate means "make it easier".


Our program uses the four dimensions, experience based assignments, observations, mirroring, detecting blind spots and methods that bring conscious growth. Sign up below if you are interested for more information on that. Request our free exploration session and you get a personal intake. Our retreats are a space to put "Being alive and present" into practice within nature, tackling your areas of resistance and creating tools that allow acceptance to take place. 

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