Our vision

Creating a world where people are alive and present.

Aligned with their core potential. Live with clarity.

About us

As a duo (Sanne and Joris) we met 16 years ago. Our focus on being alive and present is the outcome of a worldwide adventure and discovery of insights. Together we traveled around the world for 4 years with a nonprofit and over the last years focused on traveling to just focus on developing the Unleashing of Potential program. We both have facilitated more than 10 years and over the years have designed hundreds of workshops. In the last years we decided to go to the essence, developing practices that allow people to easily tap into their core potential. 

Our uniqueness lies in facilitating in many different surroundings around the world and with a wide range of different types of groups. From international groups to world-known companies such as Google. From schools at a Native American reservation to a juvenile detention center in Mexico. Or simply in people's living rooms. Every setting gives a unique creative twist. Our focus now is on people open to developing themselves with a curiosity for creativity and variety. There is not one way that works for all, that is why we have started combining different methods and fueled them new insights. Every experience we create combines a variety of dimensions (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) with a space where presence becomes easy.


Our Unleashing of Potential journey started on April 15th, 2018. Our base is in Ghent (Belgium), after living with a lot of travel and adventure we have now integrated it in our way of developing the program. The different methods we use to develop others are: our transformation program (individual or in group), workshops, retreats, guest speaker, newsletters, videos and individual coaching. A great place to see our regular event updates are Facebook and our newsletter. Some events are requested, so if you are interested in working with us then we can come to your living room, organization or company. Our tour is constantly updated based on new collaborations that come our way. We look forward to hearing from you.

Joris Van Doorslaer
Life explorer, Experience developer & Insight Facilitator
Call him at +32491242989

Co-founder of Unleashing Potential, he has been designing experiential learning workshops for over 10 years and is certified as a life coach. He has traveled for 4 years with a non-profit organization, leading educational programs and managing an international group around the world.

Since 2016 Joris worked at Google, leading a digital skill acceleration program for Belgium. In the same year he launched with Sanne an organization 'Plus One: Unleashing Potential' with the aim to develop a network of open-minded people supporting each other. In 2018 he launched Unleashing Potential to dedicate himself fulltime to creating a global movement of people connected to themselves and surrounded with others who make them thrive. His lifestyle is focused on growth, inspiration and adventure. As a traveler, video maker and creative explorer he will bring his living out of the box perspective to the retreat. A key focus for Joris in any event is to create an environment for unique and creative experiences, challenging your way of thinking and how to just do.

Joris Van Dooslaer
Sanne Meert
Sanne Meert
Life coach, Reiki practitioner & Facilitator

Co-founder of Unleashing Potential, she is a certified life coach and Reiki practitioner. In the last 10+ years she has been organizing workshops around the world. And together with Joris, she was part of the TEDxGhent team, coaching the speakers.
With a passion for wellbeing she combines her knowledge with a certification in herbology and chakra therapy. For her Unleashing Potential is a way to empower people to be themselves, trust their intuition and this way access the true feeling of aliveness. Sanne has led already a wide array of topics, from emotion through movement and living outside of the box to female specific workshops such as celebrating womanhood. In every event Sanne adds a focus on authenticity and vulnerability. She will tap into the emotional and spiritual elements - this way creating a balance with the mental and physical components of the event.